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The BobAlexander Band in Queens, NY

Bob Alexander Band in Queens, NY - WildCat Records NY

Discover the unique sound of the Bob Alexander Band in Queens, NY.  You will hear a truly unique musical project that blends classical, jazz, and rock. My name is Bob Alexander, and I am a musician and composer based in New York City. For more than 45 years, I've been making music with fellow musicians from all over the world. I founded the Bob Alexander Band ten years ago in order to focus on my original compositions. The band is made up of collaborators from as far afield as Las Vegas and Vancouver. Contact us to book a gig or find out more about our label, WildCat Records NY.

Sample Our Hit Song Limbaugh's America

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Musician and Composer in Queens, NY - WildCat Records NY


All songs recorded at Tiki Studios
Glen Cove Long Island
Tiki Studios