Close-up Of Person Playing Piano

The Bob Alexander Band 

The Bob Alexander Band is a unique rock-fusion band that is signed to WildCat Records NY. I work with a wide range of collaborators, including a musician from the Vancouver Philharmonic, to create distinctive music that has been described as genius. Take a chance on something new and listen to my recordings!


A Completely New Sound

My goal with the Bob Alexander Band was to create something different — a completely new sound that combined elements from jazz, classical, and rock traditions. My latest album, "The Kitchen Sink," takes lyrics from Shakespeare's sonnets and presents them in a whole new light.

My music is characterized by sophisticated harmonies and orchestrations, but you don't need to understand the theory to enjoy my tracks. I believe that music transcends rational understanding. If the tones are right, they'll make you feel good. My goal is to bring pleasure to music lovers around the world. 

I don't perform live anymore.

Dog, Doll, And The Statue Of Liberty